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Those of us who have been more heavily involved have decided that after three years hard work, its time for us all to take a break and gather forces for the Gathering in 2009.


The Alley Cafe, Panda Hire, lights, Stone Soup Productions, Ben Duncan Research, Powermax UK, The Truth Ark, Drop The Debt, Greenpeace, The Nomad Trust, Amnesty International, The Woodland Trust, and many many more!


Sam Law, Zack Dykes, Martin Atherly, Jethro Sigley, Norma Lewis, Richard Aron, Phil Inkley, Sam Adams, Rosemary Robinson, Andy Benn, Bryan Townsend, Andy Neal, Sophia Woodcraft, Ruth Rimmington, SaM, Sam, SAM and sAm, Neil O'Grady, Jane Barton, Dex Wright, Dave Kane, Ben Duncan, Redditch, Schmidt, and all the guys who worked on the production crew, Steve Leggat, James Irvine, Dez Bateman, Jonny Neal, Soapy, Shady, Katie, and all the rest of you who did a great job on Gate and the Car Park, David Rimmington, Louisa Clark, Richard Benjamin Allen, Dan Gallucci, Billy Willmington, Chris Pattinios, Stuart Spears, Ruth Roberts, Samuel Stephen Carlos Bartle, Caz & Amy, Andrew Price, Rocking Bob, Dan Waples, Julian Swane, Fuzzy Martin, The Crane, Shaun Washington, Tom Dixon, Sarah Fry, Dave who did the flyers in 2006, Pink n Ruby, The Bays, the UK Players, DJ FOOD & DK, Bison, the Dust Collectors, PinknRuby, Grain, Nuclear Family, Skinny Sumo, the Farmers, Old Basford, Koda Kola, Deep Sound Channel, Trickster, Hellset Orchestra, Wholesome Fish, the Hooleys, Idiot Joy, Hot Club, The Mighty Z Allstars, Katus, 3 Wise Men, Leggo Rocker, Moonbuggy, the boy nutko, hooker Bentley, Moiety, Blacklight, Jack Broadbent, The Happiness, the Mark 9's, Graham Freestone, Owsley Sunshine, Neil O'Grady, Bruce Myers and the Princephyers, Dustin, Blue Monkey, Dead Fly Djs (Mr 5, Jesta + b:dog), Glitch & Groove, RAH, Si & Col, Ich, One Eye, Percussion Djs, Proles, Cow Shit Bingo, Mothers Against Guns, Toe Tappers Delight, Mr & Mrs Swing, UrbanSpaceLab, The Balkan Express, Astrolab, Dr Badfunk, Carrie Tree, Andy Shades, Jamson's Nook, Iodo, Tapenoise, Complex Trout, The Big T-Pot, mmmm....yummy, Sunshine Gray, Pat O'Carroll, Andrew Wood, Freefall Fairies, The Henry Road, Temple Music, Maschera, still life, the Whelk Attachment, Blue Book Project, the Shambles .... and many many more...