Kirkby Lane, Tattershall, Lincolnshire, LN4 4PD


From the North head to Lincoln, then to Horncastle on the A158. From Horncastle make your way to Coningsby on the A153, and then follow the signs! From the South head to Sleaford then to Coningsby on the A153 and follow the signs!

Map Directions

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Where? About a mile outside of Coningsby on the road to Kirkby on Bain. [If you click the link to the map you will notice that this is the spot just across the river from Tumby - before you reach the lakes.]

[tip:] Print the map as it is, then zoom out a bit - make sure you can still see Coningsby - and print again. These print-outs will match up to any standard road map.

Public Transport Information


Interconnect bus timetables:]

Take a bus or a train to Lincoln. Go right out of the train station, cross at the pedestrain crossing, go right, and continue past Don Giovani's Restaurant, you will see Lincoln City Bus Station on your left. - less than 2 minutes walk from the train station.

From Lincoln City Bus Station to Tattershall Thorpe - Route 5


- Costs about 4.00

At Tattershall Thorpe: Get off at the pub: it is called The Blue Bell - it is a small thatched pub. Keep walking in the same direction as the bus, the road goes round a series of S bends. Take the next left, continue to the T-junction, turn left and continue for 1/4 mile. You will see the the festival on the right hand side.

This is quite a long walk if you're carrying a lot of stuff: like tents. It takes about 1/2 an hour. But it's flat - no hills to struggle up - and its quite a nice walk.


From Lincoln to Horncastle - Route 6


- Costs about 3.30 single

and then

From Horncastle to Tattershall Thorpe - Route 6K


This is small 12 seater mini-bus. Tell the driver, you want to get off just past the gravel pits, nr 'Old Poplar Farm Cottages'. The journey takes about 20 minutes. After you go past the gravel pits (which are basically big lakes), you will see the festival on your left hand side.

- Costs about 1.50 single