The story so farů..

Global Village Peace Gathering (GVPG) is run by a voluntary collective made up of people who are engaged in a variety of research and development work ranging from writing, poetry and theatre to audio electronics engineering, ecological architecture, digital art, sculpture, web design, green energy and organic land management.

What brings us together as a group is the unifying belief in:

We come together to share skills and work together, developing many different projects. Our first project was to set up an annual event, a gathering of music, arts, talks and workshops, an event where we could all get together and experiment with new ideas, new structures, enjoy some cutting-edge music and culture and have a great weekend chilling out with like-minded people in beautiful surroundings. This event has since developed into what became known as the Global Village Peace Gathering. Pictures from our first 'official' Gathering can be foundhere.

"Organising the first Global Village Peace Gathering, last July, was incredibly hard work and very frantic at times but it was well worth it - glorious weather, an amazing atmosphere and a wonderful gathering of lovely people. So, encouraged by lots of positive feedback, we're planning an even better Global Village Peace Gathering this summer. We'll be booking a wider range of musicians and singers and a full programme for the acoustic tent. There'll be more workshops, for both children and adults. We want to include more poetry, video and film, and have a dedicated children's area. We also want to create a healing area. But most of all, we want you - all you creative, peaceful, fun loving, happy people. The Global Village Peace Gathering is all about coming together and making it happen. So come prepared to relax, laugh, re-energise, create, dance, make new friends and be entertained at the one and only Global Village Peace Gathering!"  - Rosemary