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14th, 15th, 16th July 2006

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The Bays

The Bays are Andy Gangadeen, Chris Taylor, Jamie Odell and Simon Richmond. Their manifesto of pure improvisation and raw creative synergy is causing major tremors at all levels of the music industry, challenging many of its most entrenched attitudes about bands and live performance. Through their relentless gig schedule and tireless devotion to their radical musical ethic, The Bays have ripped up the rulebook and debunk musical convention wherever they play.

As the late (lamented) John Peel said following The Bays' first Peel Session performance:

"Fantastic! Amazing!! I'm about to go on holiday and about this time next week I'll either be in New Zealand or on a life raft in shark-infested waters off the Solomon Islands, we'll have just eaten our last stewardess and some bugger'll be playing 'Danny Boy' on the harmonica and I'll think that I haven't completely wasted my time."

What drives this band is their need to communicate with the audience in a way not possible with most live bands. There are no 'songs' to perform, there's no album to promote and there is no hidden commercial agenda. The Bays only perform live, they never rehearse, they don't have a set-list, they don't use sequencers and they couldn't ever do the same performance twice. It's all about the moment - an experience that exists between the band and the audience for only one moment in time.

"The Bays, then, are a live thing. They don't want to put tracks out and have people expecting them to play those cuts live. That's not what they do. So to some extent, it's pointless trying to describe what The Bays sound like. Because when you go to see them, and you should, it'll be completely different to the previous gig."
Jockey Slut [Chris Blue]



UK Players meets InI Oneness



Live roots vibe dub reggae.

THE UK PLAYERS with InI Oneness have been operating as a rasta reggae dub collective for well over 10 years. While founder members I Natural and Ras Iyah have remained the driving force behind InI Oneness, the flexibility of the collective has enabled other artists, such as Sammy Dread, Kwasi Asante and Sister Rebekah to gain exposure...

Ribtumbler: www.myspace.com/ribtumbler

Summer time Dub: tight beats, loose attitude, live instruments - dubwise sounds.

"Sounds like Gong playing a reggae set..." - myspace.com

UrbanSpaceLab www.urbanspacelab.com

a hybrid of drum'n'bass, jazz & dub"


Grain: www.passthegrain.co.uk


Slim-Line Papas


"This is a heck of a blues band with a great sense of humour. Slimline Papas are the perfect get up and dance high energy band."

- Barry Middleton, The Running Horse, Nottingham

"I was just about to leave the building when I caught an earful of brilliant upright bass thumpin' and jumpin' excitedly out of the open portals of the Mini Muni. The place was full and the audience spilled out onto the entranceways and beyond - even those sat outside kept their ears thingyed to hear the fabulous sound coming out onto the street. Those of us lucky enough to inch our way in were treated to a tremendous fun packed session of over the top rockabilly, jump jive and bouncing blues. They were 'The Slimline Papas' and I tell you after that stonking great performance were the talk of the festival thereafter!! I loved it and was not alone in that emotional enthusiasm for them either."

- Sister Feelgood, Blues Matters reviewing Colne Blues Festival 2004

The Balkan Express www.balkanexpress.co.uk/

Percussion Djs (nottingham)

The 'Percussion' DJ collective.

Koda Kola

Pinknruby: www.pinknruby.com

Are they Angel-Fairies come to us from a parallel universe?! The beautiful, mythical, healing sounds of Pinknruby will soothe your soul, put a sparkle in your step and a smile in your heart!
We are thrilled to welcome back the magic of Pinknruby to our Gathering this year.

  (this lovely animation: http://www.pinknruby.com/zacetekweb4.html)


In the studio Steve and Jules produce a blend of chill out acoustic grooves with sequenced soundscapes and sampled beats, mixed with the lovely vocals from Kim and Hannah. They strip this down to a very organic sound of acoustic guitars, harmonium and flute when playing live...and are occasionally joined by Vijay on tabla...


Cornelius . . . and his guitar



Dr Badfunk

Carrie Tree www.carrietreemusic.com

'Carrie hypnotizes and touches listeners with her unique vocal style, and audiences are often left teary and spellbound by her truthful and heartfelt tone. Carrie has spent this winter in Australia and is looking forward to an English, musical summer...'


Andy Shades


"Many people say we sound like Jethro Tull, but then many people ask for another Bob Dylan song when I sing Lou Reed! I think we sound miscellaneous just like Gil Scott Heron..." - Andy Shades

Deep Sound Channel: www.myspace.com/deepsoundchannel1

Experimental / Progressive / Psychedelic

Old Basford www.oldbasford.com

Where the grease and groove of early ZZ Top and Little Feat are welded to the 12 cylinder engine of hardcore rock, you will find Old Basford sweating out their dirt in the urban swamps of inner city Nottingham. A 3-piece of deep grooves and ferocius moodswings, reminding you of a time when rock didn't have full body waxing.


The Happiness





Jack Broadbent


Jamson's Nookwww.jamsonsnook.com

"Jamsons Nook is an eclectic live four piece. Playing original material blending elements of Latin, funk, folk, and electronica, they are an endless stream of tight rhythms and thoughtful ramblings..."


Wholesome Fish


Idiot Joy


Trickster www.trickstertrash.com


Where's Smit??


The Henry Road



Kensal Rise

- catchy, uplifting melodies.


hooker Bentleywww.hookerbentley.com

"such excellent hooks and infectious lines and twists that stick around" (Org records)


Mothers Against Guns

Michael Morph

Dustin (dj)


Mr 5 (dj)

Abi Moore & Adam Scofield


Complex Trout

other things..

The Big T-Pot

The Big-Pot will be hosting a their own stage, and serving delicous vegetarian food & refreshments.


Vegetarian deli.. serving hot toasted sandwiches, drinks and snacks.



Sunshine Gray's SOUNdiVISION


I've put together a half-hour eccentric mix of my studio-produced songs, some found sounds, the human voice, and electronic wizardry.

Then, I've added suitably weird, wonderful and humourous visuals, with images from
Lincoln, Berlin, Barcelona and my back pages -
not to mention my back garden!

(It's a video show!)

"A sort of subtle Psychedelia."

Let's hope it grabs you!

The Friday Night Mix

Chivalrous duo Nick and Paul from BBC Lincolnshire's friday night show The Friday Night Mix will be coming along with the BBC bus to do a live broadcast from gvgp with interviews and sessions...

The Friday Night Mix is a weekly two-hour youth magazine and local music programme on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

The show features live, local bands in session most weeks; we play new demos and CDs from Lincolnshire bands; we interview the people who are making live music happen in Lincolnshire; and we play all the latest singles from major and independent labels.

You can listen to the show every Friday night from 7-9pm, on 94.9FM across Lincolnshire, and on the world wide web at: www.bbc.co.uk/radiolincolnshire

Web site:http://www.bbc.co.uk/lincolnshire/the_mix/

Email: themix.lincolnshire@bbc.co.uk

"Listen again" link:http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/networks/lincolnshire/aod.shtml?lincolnshire/friday_mix_lincolnshire

Freefall Fairies

This is a diverse group of people working towards bringing creativity to the whole community through a wide range of workshops and interactive art and play experiences. In all their work they aim to promote the use of recycled materials "using imagination as a tool to encourage and develop skills for all kinds of people in all kinds of places".

Tales from the heartwood

Story telling aimed mainly at children, with puppets made by Joy. Also puppet making workshops.

Samarpan Meditation

"This workshop will introduce you to Samarpan Meditation. Founded by the Indian spiritual teacher Shree Shivkrupanand Swarmi, this pure meditation makes it possible for you to connect with universal consciousness."

Green Woodworking with Pat O'Carroll

"Demonstration of round wood construction techniques from temporary structures to stools using low-impact sustainable traditional woodland skills"

Healing Sounds / Thai Chi

Andrew Wood of Pied Piper Pianos www.pied-piper-pianos.co.uk will be bringing Healing Sound to the festival for the second year.

- using vocal harmonics, didgeridoos, gongs, singing bowls and tuning forks to promote well-being and health.

- healing sessions take about 20 minutes and are offerred free -

There will also be didge workshops and a range of didges for sale.

Amy Hield is a community artist and runs childrens spaces at several festivals -

She also leads Tai Chi and will be doing a morning session each day.


Parachute games plus.. (for children)
Stretch the body awaken the senses - (mornings) - (for children)
Yoga and relaxation (mornings)
Japanese inspirations � peace lanterns and peace poems
Playful dancing (for children)
Rolling, travelling, trusting massage
Samarpan Meditation
Rhythm and Song
Mask Making
Arabic Dance
Peace Cards
Circus Skills
Tales from the Heartwood (story telling with puppets)- (for children)
Solas Talamah � green woodworking demos
Healing through sound
Poi for beginners