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Statement of Ethics

Over the past few years, a long-term plan has been formulated for the land upon which the Global Village Peace Gathering 2005 will take place.

Hundreds of trees have been planted on and around the site. The use of chemicals has been eliminated, and as a result the wild life has flourished. The owner wants this site to become a sustainable space, in the broadest sense, where people can come together to promote effective peaceful activity in their own lives and in the wider world. A place to raise awareness, consciousness and compassion, while interacting respectfully with the land and nature. One of our main aims should be to make every effort to impact as little as possible on the local environment.

The most effective way GVPG 05 can impact on the land is to use the energy of the land by promoting positive interaction between the land, the animals and plants that reside on the land, and those who are there for the gathering.

We are relying on grants for the inaugural Gathering and will be offering tickets at affordable prices. Our aim is to become financially self-sustaining within three years by putting any "profits" from this year towards next year's Gathering.

This is an opportunity for people to investigate different ways of doing things -
alternative ways of living, through workshops, demonstrations and traders exhibits;
alternative ways of thinking, through poetry, talks and workshops;
alternative ways of interacting, through the organisation of the space and attracting those open to different music, thought and experience.

We aim to celebrate humanity and life (on this planet!) while providing space and time to create the positive energy we all need to move forward.

We ask all those involved in playing or saying, running workshops or selling goods to try to enhance and promote the general ethos of the event, and therefore ultimately the enjoyment and enhancement of the Gathering for ALL!

::: Let's have some fun :::

::: An ethical project for a new century :::

::: One world, one people :::

::: Creating Mindful Awareness :::

::: Raising Consciousness :::

::: Together! :::

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