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Our ideal is to become a biodynamic event, in the sense of working in harmony with our environment, by sustainably managing our waste and fuel requirements, and minimising our impact on the site. We aim for this event to become 'carbon neutral', or even carbon negative!

Composting Toilets
We aim to have fully functioning composting toilets installed on the site by May 2007. We are researching different designs, methods of construction and possible sources of funding.

We aim to recycle at least 70% of waste produced during the event, and would eventually like to see this increase to 100%. We are currently liasing with the local council and other agencies with regard to this.

We aim for the event to be fully powered by on-site, renewable energy sources within the next 5 years. We see this as an ongoing process which is very much dependent on the available technology and resources. We are currently researching available technologies and possible sources of funding / revenue.

We have an agreement with the landowner that we will respect the site, and endeavour to make improvements to the site, which are mutually beneficial to GVPG and the landowner. We do a certain amount of voluntary work each year, to help manage and enhance the site in general.