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The Global Village Peace Gathering (GVPG) as a whole, including the GVPG committee and event staff, does not in any way condone the supply of, nor use of, illegal drugs at the event. Members of the public are reminded that drug enforcement laws are as applicable on the site during the event as anywhere else in the country.

Police officers may be on site and will deal with drug offences in accordance with national guidelines. Event management and staff will work alongside the Police where this is deemed necessary. Anyone found to be dealing drugs at the event will be evicted from the site and are liable to arrest by the Police. Anti-social or illegal behaviour at the event will not be tolerated and will lead to eviction from the site, with the addition of possible criminal charges from the Police. The GVPG management reserves the right to evict anyone from the site if deemed necessary for any reason, including illegal or anti-social behaviour. Once evicted from the event, suspected offenders will not be permitted to regain entry to the event. The management also reserves the right to keep records of evictions, and refuse admission to future events.