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"Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice."  Baruch Spinoza

Global Village Peace Gathering is a Not-For-Profit event.

Global Village Peace Gathering is run by a voluntary collective on a Not-For-Profit basis.

We aim to promote Peace and non-violence in all forms.
We aim to create an event which will foster enjoyment, inspiration, respect and collaboration.

Please also see our Statement of Ethics.

What brings us together as a group is the unifying belief in:

Our ideal is to become a biodynamic event, in the sense of working in harmony with our environment, by sustainably managing our waste and fuel requirements, and minimising our impact on the site. (See our Environmental Statement).

We come together to share skills and work together, developing many different projects. Our first project was to set up an annual event, a gathering of music, arts, talks and workshops, an event where we could all get together and experiment with new ideas, new structures, new music and art. This event has since developed into what became known as the Global Village Peace Gathering.

Statement of Ethics
Environmental Statement
Statement of Policy on Drugs and Anti-social Behaviour

Pictures from our first (2005) Gathering can be found here. For details and pictures of last year's event (2006) click here.